QJ7000D Could Turn Out To Be The First Benelli Electric Motorcycle

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Electric vehicles are all the rage nowadays and even more so, in our beloved neighbouring country – China. The electric revolution is swinging at its full pace in China so how can we expect one of the leading Chinese two-wheeler company to miss out on all the action? Qianjiang Motor, a two-wheeler manufacturer owned by Geely that is also the parent company of Benelli, recently took the wraps off its first-ever electric motorcycle, the QJ7000D.

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Just like its ICE counterparts, it is being assumed that it will carry Benelli’s namesake when it lands in other international markets. There is currently no word regarding its production timeline but by the looks of it, it should enter production by the end of this year.

Benelli QJ7000D

The Chinese bikemaker is currently on a spree of rolling out a slew of updated and new motorcycles. But there is one thing in common, in all the recently unveiled and spied QJ motorcycles, they are gorgeous to look at and the same can be said about the QJ7000D as well. It is a faired electric bike and a contrasting shade of blue/grey with blacked-out elements do lend it the much-needed visual flair.

Benelli QJ7000D (1)

The motorcycle gets a split-seat design, with a scooped rider’s seat. The tail section has quite a clean and sleek look, and the overall design is quite sharp and pretty, inspired by QJ SRG600. The split LED headlamp at the front, along with the raked visor and full fairing, give the bike an extremely aggressive look. It also gets a fuel-tank-shaped storage space meant for a helmet.

Benelli QJ7000D (2)

The parent company hasn’t revealed the technical specs yet but it is being reported that it is powered by a mid-mounted electric motor that is fed by a 72V, 60 Ah battery pack. The company claims a range of 100 km and a top speed of 105 km/h. Things get a little more interesting when it comes to the performance department. As per some other sources, this upcoming model may become the new benchmark for high-end performance electric motorcycles by the manufacturer.

Benelli QJ7000D (3)

As such, we expect the performance to be in the same ballpark as motorcycles with 600cc engines or above. Both these claims are starkly opposite to each other and we will have to wait for more information to flow in to actually confirm that how this latest Chinese electric baby performs.

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