PURE EV Launches Extended Warranty Policy

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PURE EV an electric mobility startup currently has four products in their sales portfolio. The brand has recently announced that they are changing the warranty policy for the key powertrain components namely the battery, motor and controller of their products. The IIT Hyderabad-Incubated Startup is now offering a new ‘Warranty Extension’ policy with retrospective benefit for existing customers.

Official Statement

Dr Nishanth Dongari, Founder, PURE EV said, “The entire EV components manufacturing ecosystem is at a nascent stage today in the country and PURE EV is working extensively for continuous improvements in the components design life and field reliability through our research centre at IIT Hyderabad. We have a strong R&D team in the entire power train components related to battery, motor and controller who work closely with our manufacturing and service teams and evaluating feedback from various stakeholders. This announcement of extension in the warranty policy is done after strong data analytics and through extensive design improvements of these critical components. One of the strong initiatives that the Company took last year was the launch of Batrics Faraday, AI-driven hardware that enables battery service failures resolution at dealers’ levels. This saves precious man-hours otherwise spent in replacement of series of cells and significantly reduces the battery ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT).”


Speaking further about this policy Mr Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer of PURE EV said, “We are delighted to announce that this extended warranty policy will also be applicable on a retrospective basis and all our existing customers can also avail of this policy. This increase in the warranty time period is an outcome of our years of comprehensive feedback evaluation mechanism through our customers and various other stakeholders. While this warranty policy is backed financially through our strong balance sheet, emphasis on factory training of our dealer’s service technicians and extensive investments in after-sales service infrastructure which is at par with the traditional ICE vehicles.”

New Warranty Policy

Below are the proposed changes under the new warranty policy.

PURE EV Warranty Policy

PURE EV Products

The current PURE EV lineup consists of four models which can be high speed or low-speed variants. The two high-speed models are EPluto 7G and Entrance Neo. The two low-speed models are EPluto and Etrance+. These scooters mainly focus on urban commuting with their top speed of 60km/h. The PURE EV vehicles offer a range up to 120kms. All the models in the range of PURE EV feature a robust chassis design, body parts built for Indian conditions, regenerative braking and LED display to indicate remaining battery capacity. The PURE EV range also features a portable lithium-ion battery with a metallic casing with portable chargers and can be charged at any place due to its compatibility with a normal 5amps electric socket which can be found anywhere easily. All models also come with an aerodynamic body with body-mounted turn indicators, multi-reflector lamp, rounded mirrors, 4 inch LCD display and 10-inch alloy wheels in fat rubber tyres. The models will be available in 6 colour options such as white, red, blue, black, grey and silver.

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