Domino’s To Add The New Revolt RV300 To Their Delivery Fleet

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The government is supporting the electric vehicle sector in order to combat global warming. Private businesses are also taking the required steps in this direction. The majority of food delivery businesses and fast-food restaurants use gasoline-powered bikes to deliver food. However, Domino’s, one of India’s most popular fast-food chains, has announced that it will replace its petrol-powered bikes with Revolt’s RV300.

The Jubilant-Revolt Partnership

Pizza restaurant chain Domino’s has entered into a collaboration with Revolt Motors to replace its current fleet of petrol bikes with electric ones. Under the partnership, Domino’s will procure the entire existing inventory of Revolt’s RV300 electric bikes. Domino’s has decided to induct Revolt’s electric motorcycles into its fleet of delivery vehicles after a successful pilot, which went on for quite some time now, the statement added. The RV300 motorcycles going to Domino’s will be specially customized for Jubilant Foodworks, which operates Domino’s Pizza in India, to suit its business needs and at the same time ensure a zero-emission delivery experience, Revolt Motors said. Moreover, Revolt believes that this partnership will further ignite others to convert the massive delivery bike market into electric bikes. In the upcoming years, this strategy has huge potential. The government is also helping promote the EVs given that the falling prices of electric bikes due to lower production costs and a slew of incentives, these bikes not only save the environment but also make economic sense, the company said.


Official Statement – RattanIndia Enterprises

“Revolt is happy to join hands with Domino’s in this partnership which not only makes sense environmentally but also offers great cost savings for the company,” said RattanIndia Enterprises Business Chairman Anjali Rattan.

With this move, it is most likely that other fast food joints should follow this strategy as well. Because not only it saves the environment but it saves a lot of fuel as well. Maintaining an electric bike should be less as compared to a petrol-powered bike. This will be beneficial for the companies.

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