Project Invictus – ADVNinja650: Customised Ninja 650 for Dual Sport Adventure

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The Kawasaki Ninja created quite a buzz in the sports touring motorcycle category in 2011. And with the price tag of around 5.5-6 lakh, the bike was selling like a hot cake. The 649cc parallel-twin engine on this motorcycle produces 72 bhp and puts out 64Nm of torque.

Many owners used the motorcycle in its stock condition. Trying to make their Ninja 650 unique, people added aftermarket exhaust, windshields and many more. But none of the Ninja 650s are as radical as the “Project Invictus – ADVNinja650” customised by avid motorcyclist Dipesh Shah.


The Project Invictus – ADVNinja650 is a dual Sport Adventure motorcycle version of the Kawasaki’s 650cc sports touring version. What’s special about this project is that the whole mod is a bolt-on kit for 2012 onward Ninja models.

In terms of protection and safety of rider and the motorcycle, Shah has added components such as custom made Radiator guard, Coolant Reservoir Guard and Engine Crash Bar. He has also added SW Motech Engine Skid/Bash Plate and Moose Racing Hand Guards which are available in the market.


Keeping the touring and adventure nature of the motorcycle in mind Shah has added parts that help to the riding aid and utility of the motorcycle. The list of components added are:

  • Side Stand Extension (Custom Made)
  • Touring Wind Screen (Custom Made)
  • Luggage pannier (with 15L additional Fuel carrying capacity) (Custom Made)
  • Redline+ Gel Seat
  • Headlights are Halogen H3/55W Dual Projector with Angel Eyes & KTM Duke Turn Indicator(Custom Made)
  • Rear Indicator Bracket to Fit any Universal Turn Indicators & Specifically for KTM Duke indicator.(Custom Made)
  • Mounting Bracket for Meter Console (Custom Made)
  • Three Mode 10W CREE Auxiliary LED Projector Lights (Custom Made)
  • Front Pirelli MT60 110/90-17 Tire
  • Rear Kings 130/70-17 Tire
  • Pro Taper handlebar
  • 12V car & 5V USB Charger

Shah has put in a lot of effort into his Ninja and you can see it instantaneously. What do you think of his project? Do share your thoughts through comments below.

CLICK HERE to checkout the complete picture gallery of Project Invictus – ADVNinja650.

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  • Hrushi says:

    Lol. I have met Mr. Shah personally and can assure you, he has as much as, if not more, experience “off” the road than you. And all the modifications do fulfill their purposes. Before coming to such a drastic conclusion, research your piece.
    Keep the *shiny side up and the rubber side down!

  • Alinel says:

    what a waste of a ER-6F man ! Its clear that “avid motorcyclist Dipesh Shah” has no dual sport riding exposure and the ER-6F is just not the right bike. To elaborate further:

    1. Tank and Foot pegs – This Kawasaki was NOT designed to this kinda job. One cannot stand and ride with pegs that are almost like rear sets. Just adding protaper bars with bar risers does not make this bike an enduro.

    2. The suspensions – They are not exactly stiff on the ER-6F, at the same time they are not all dual sport capable. Bad choice of choice. The 41 mm hydraulic telescopic fork, have a bare minimum 120 mm (4.7 in) travel before it bottoms out hard.

    3. Too heavy ? – Honestly, The bike is an elephant. Its not the best handling bike out there either. To do terrible terrains (like spiti valley, or the leh-manali hwy), you are better off with a light weight enduro / dual sport than this whale you’ve built. Also, those panniers screw up the weight distribution when you load her up.

    4. Cosmetics and knobby tires – The truth is, the bike looks good. If I own a hat i’d lift it for you. However, knobby tires and good looks wont help you when you’re riding from killar to kishtwar. You need a real bike which functions off road where the suspensions do all the work and not the bash plates.

    Save the Ninja ! and restore it back so that you can enjoy highway rides to bandardara, malshet, khandala, tungareshwar …etc. Buy and impulse and change the motor to a 230. Add BBR kits if you are on the heavier side. it will cost you a fraction of what you’ve spent.

    keep the shinny side up and the rubber side down.
    PS: I have a 11′ ER 6F and an Impulse with a ZMA motor (which I have had immense joy riding in Lahul, Spiti, Langti valleys, Leh-ed 2 times)

  • Kishore says:

    The bike looks really like a stock adventura. Wonderful job mate.
    How much did the project cost you?

  • LJ says:

    any idea on how much he needed to invest in these mods?

  • Ajit P says:

    This is a good effort!
    In my opinion, Installing bash guards of various sorts do not make a bike dual sport. It only makes it hardy.

    For a serious dual sport intent, The suspension needs sorting before installing the dual sport tyres.