Precision Camshafts partners with EMAG Germany to introduce Assembled Camshafts Technology in India

precision camshafts partners with emag germany, details

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Precision Camshafts Limited (PCL) today announced a strategic alliance with EMAG Germany, to acquire the widely proven and accepted Assembled Camshaft technology which uses the ‘Force Free Heat Shrink’ – a process which EMAG has patented. The improved cost competitive process developed through this alliance between PCL and EMAG Germany will be the first for any Indian component manufacturer.

PCL will have exclusive rights to this new technology worldwide. This PCL- EMAG alliance will further strengthen the market leadership of both entities in the coming years and will further help in developing next generation camshafts.

Assembled Camshafts are used predominately by OEM’s in Europe and now China and some developed countries, have increased strength of material and are lighter in comparison to conventional camshafts, both of which help in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emission.

Over the years, PCL has achieved success across the world, manufacturing over one million ‘Chilled Cast Iron’ camshafts per month. PCL has also recently introduced ‘Ductile Iron Induction Hardened’ camshafts to its stable of products and with the introduction of Assembled Camshafts, PCL will be the only camshaft manufacturer in India, thereby becoming a one-stop-solution for camshafts required by mid-size passenger cars globally – All Under One Roof.

Yatin Shah, CMD- Precision Camshafts Limited & Dr. Andreas Mootz, MD- EMAG Automation, Germany_2

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Yatin Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, Precision Camshafts Limited said, “PCL has been the industry leader in delivering quality and world-class camshafts to its customers consistently. We have created benchmarks across all processes and are surpassing customer expectations time and again, while working with some of the largest marquee brands in the Indian and the global automotive industry. PCL, through the acquisition of this technology will be a complete solution provider for camshafts manufactured by different technologies”


Dr. Andreas Mootz, Managing Director, EMAG Automation, Germany, said, “EMAG specializes in the entire spectrum of the machining process and is a trendsetter in the field of vertical turning centres for all machining needs. It is a privilege to be associated with Precision Camshafts India, as it will mutually benefit both entities in the long run. Using PCL’s technological prowess and best practices in the manufacturing process, our products & technology will not only help meet the new demands of our global customers but our synergies will be leveraged from time to time to meet the growing demands of the automotive industry in the future.”

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