PowerControl RX from DTE Systems Adds More ‘Go’ To Hybrids And Bi-turbos

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The Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be a big dampener for all enthusiasts. Almost the entire world at the moment is essentially locked indoors. However, there is something that might cheer aficionados. DTE Systems Germany is offering a new product, PowerControl RX, which provides significant performance gains for sports and super sports cars.

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Consider the BMW i8, the 374 hp hybrid sports car with an acceleration of 420 lb-ft gets the pilot‘s adrenaline going already in standard configuration: From 0 to 100 kmph within 4.6 sec – that’s bundled force by itself for all hybrid fans. With the PowerControl RX engine optimization, DTE illustrates what Henry Ford already said back then: “Everything can always be done better than it is being done.”

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High-class Tuning for Exclusive Sports Cars

Exceeding the i8 performance again was “quite a challenge“, according to DTE Managing Director Dr Michael Krecek. The most powerful tuning system PowerControl RX from DTE Systems supports all advanced engine technologies, including bi-turbo systems and hybrids. High-performance engines such as Porsche, AMG, Audi RS, BMW M and BMW i8 receive an additional performance boost with PowerControl RX. This amounts to +41 hp and +49 lb-ft for the BMW i8. Up to nine channels are controlled in a MultiMap and the PowerControl RX includes a comprehensive guarantee.

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Improved Performance with Reduced Consumption

Despite increased performance, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 15 % with PowerControl RX. The greatest saving potential is given in the increased torque. Definitely another reason why PowerControl RX is not only attractive for i8 drivers, but for hybrid drivers overall.

The Hybrid on a New Level

The PowerControl technology from DTE Systems clearly shows that increased performance and hybrid vehicles go well together. Even the strongest i8 is brought to another level with this tuner and grants tingles and addiction. The tuned hybrid doesn’t pale by comparison even with larger sports cars, such as the Porsche 992. PowerControl RX is available in the DTE Systems online shop or through certified resellers.

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