This Tata Safari Video Will Rekindle Your Love For The Iconic SUV

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In the list of Indian SUVs that have garnered a cult following over the years, the Tata Safari will probably earn the top spot. Introduced in the Indian markets back in the day, it became a go-to choice for the people who wanted an SUV with a commanding driving position, imposing presence, go-anywhere capability and looks which pleased most. It was also offered in a 4WD variant and in the later years of its journey, received a revival in the form of Storme variant which featured an even more powerful engine. It might have been discontinued now but the legacy of Tata Safari lives on. This particular video will further intensify the nostalgia hit:

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The minimal styling and robust bodywork earned a lot of loyal fans over the years and the Safari even became a part of the Indian Army’s stable as a carrier of personnel. A torquey engine, sturdy chassis and plush ride, all these factors combined together to form an SUV which became an instant hit among the Indian masses. The video above is shot in the dunes of Jaisalmer which are renowned for gulping vehicles in its loose sand but the Safaris featured here just glide over the mounds.


Sure, the Tata Safari started feeling a little dated as the competition brought in an onslaught of ‘Modern SUVs’ but it still held its own in terms of the simple pleasure of driving. We remember driving the last ‘Storme’ version with a playful right foot and since there were no electronics to govern how power was being delivered to the rear wheels, the Safari would slide its tail out at will. Goes without saying, anyone could make the hefty thing drift. But the mass was too intimidating to indulge in such acts. Tata Motors could bring out a Safari Edition of the Hexa later this year to keep the legend of the Safari alive. For all those who had their hearts pinned though, the Hexa can be as good as it wants to be, it won’t ever be a Safari.

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