Potholes Claim Another Life; Woman Crushed Under Speeding Bus After Falling Off A Motorcycle

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A 40-year-old woman was crushed by a speeding bus after falling off a motorcycle in Kalyan, near Mumbai. The deceased, Manisha Bhoir, was traveling on a motorcycle with her relative when the two-wheeler hit a pothole submerged under water. The rider lost the balance and the duo fell off the motorcycle. While the rider escaped any major injuries, Bhoir was run over by the rear wheel of a private bus.

Bhoir was on her way back home with her relative when the accident claimed her life. She died on the spot of the accident. The incident, which took place at Shivaji Chowk on Saturday, was caught on a CCTV camera. Watch the CCTV footage below (courtesy: Times Of India):

Stay safe during monsoons. Here are a few tips to ride safe.

  • Both, rider and pillion should always wear a certified motorcycle helmet. A full-face helmet can save you from serious injuries and protect your life.
  • Avoid riding on flood affected roads. The muddy water may have a nasty surprise and it can catch you off-guard.
  • If you’re forced to ride on a flooded road, proceed cautiously. Follow another vehicle, while maintaining safe distance. The road is usually slightly raised towards the divider and thus that’s the best spot to ride in water-logged scenarios.
  • Large vehicles have massive blind spots so it’s always a good idea to stay away from trucks an buses. You may lose balance of your vehicle and crash in the way of a truck or bus.
  • If possible, avoid riding completely during heavy rains and, instead opt for carpool, public transport or Uber/Ola.
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