Porsche plans High-end BMW 5-Series Rival

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Porsche is evaluating plans to launch a new sports saloon, which will be positioned below the Panamera, according to company boss Matthias Muller.


The German car maker recently introduced the Macan baby SUV. Porsche is expecting annual sales of 50,000 units for the Macan, and is on course to reach its stated sales goal of 200,000 units per year by 2015, which is three years ahead of schedule.

The company is looking towards further growth opportunities, one of which is mid size saloon which will lock horns with the Maserati Ghibli and higher-end versions of the BMW 5-series, Mercedes-Benz E-class and Jaguar XF. This saloon sector takes about one-third of all sales in the global market.

“Speaking very frankly, I can say this is one of many ideas we have, to build a car below Panamera,” Muller told Autocar. “But it would be a difficult decision, because Porsche has just taken a huge step getting into the Macan market — not just developing the car but doubling the factory capacity, including the body shop and paint shop. It has been a huge effort for the whole company. You’ll have to wait and see. But every dollar we hold, we can spend only once. We can realise that idea, or another, or a third or fourth. We have many ideas.”

Discussions about the sub Panamera saloon, dubbed Pajun, first emerged in 2012. It is understood that the project remains on the cards for production without actually being signed off yet, as Porsche evaluates factors such as its design, positioning, a factory, body styles and engines.

If and when the Pajun is built, most sources expect it to ride on the Volkswagen Group’s next-generation MSB platform. Porsche is currently developing this rear-wheel drive/all-wheel drive architecture for use in the next-gen Panamera.

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Source : AutocarUK

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