Piaggio Partners With KTM, Honda And Yamaha To Develop Swappable Batteries

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Piaggio Group (PIA.MI) has announced that the company has signed a letter of intent with KTM AG, Honda Motor Co., Ltd, and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, to set up a swappable batteries consortium for motorcycles and light electric vehicles. In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and the transition to electromobility, according to the consortium, the founding members of the Consortium believe that the availability of a standardized swappable battery system would both promote the widespread use of light electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable life-cycle management of batteries used in the transport sector.

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Also, by extending the range, shortening the charging time and lowering vehicle and infrastructure costs, the manufacturers will try to answer customers’ main concerns regarding the future of electromobility.

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The aim of the Consortium will, therefore, be to define the standardized technical specifications of the swappable battery system for vehicles belonging to the L-category: mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles. By working closely with interested stakeholders and national, European and international standardization bodies, the founding members of the Consortium will be involved in the creation of international technical standards.

The Consortium will start its activities in May 2021. The four founding members encourage all interested stakeholders to join the cooperation to enrich the Consortium’s expertise.

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“With the signing of this letter of intent”, commented Michele Colaninno, Piaggio Group Chief of strategy and product, “the signatories show their proactiveness vis-à-vis the major concerns of their customers and the political priorities as regards the electrification of vehicles. An international standard for the swappable batteries system will make this technology efficient and at the disposal of the consumers. Finally,” concluded Michele Colaninno, “a strengthened cooperation among manufacturers and institutions will allow the industry to better respond to the main challenges of the future of mobility.”

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Last year, Piaggio India had inaugurated a new showroom in Mumbai for their Vespa, Aprilia and Storm range. Piaggio is heavily expanding its product portfolio and touchpoint locations in India and this consortium will further help better its position in various markets across the world. This consortium will also be pivotal for a smooth transition to electric mobility from the current lack of infrastructure as it will be looking to provide practical, feasible solutions and sustainable solutions.

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