Photo OK Please – An Exciting Photo Contest for Truck Drivers by Tata Motors

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It’s quite a heartening effort, this. Guess who are the biggest motorists amongst us? The truck drivers, who brave gruesome Indian weather, bad traffic and pathetic road conditions and hold the wheel from their rather badly equipped cabins to keep our nation moving. In an effort to recognize the contribution of truckers in India, Tata Motors have started a contest namely ‘Photo OK Please‘. Truckers go to some of the remotest, most beautiful places in the country, and hardly ever do we realize that they probably have the most vivid experiences of all the motorists. The contest recognizes the exciting side to their trucking life and encourages digital engagement for the drivers. This contest has been running successfully for some time now, with 5500 drivers having registered with more than 13000+ photo entries across 21 cities.

The unique contest by Tata Motors recognizes and rewards the truck drivers as they share photos from their travel experiences. The Tata Trucker drivers get to pass by unique and unseen stretches of India as a regular part of their profession. This makes them privileged in a manner unknown to them and the contest helps them realize their reach and boosts their confidence and contentment in what they do. All the participants needs to do is: Click a picture, upload it to their Instagram account and tag @tata.trucks.

Out of the large volume of image entries received every day from truckers across the country, a daily winner and weekly winner is announced to keep the contest fever alive. Submissions of winners have their names, individual photos and truck model numbers inscribed with location details on the pictures while posting on social media for recognition enhancement. Out of the top 3 entries selected, the 1st and 2nd prize winners will win family holiday packages worth Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 40,000 respectively, and the 3rd prize winner will win a smartphone worth Rs. 25,000. In addition to these, weekly prizes will also be given out.

Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are being used to reach truck drivers. The campaign exhibits moments from the lives of the truck drivers on these social media channels and a dedicated website with an extensive promotion of the contest and the entries on television programs and digital channels. A multi-lingual website has been created for the contest, which will be used for registrations, tips, announcing the winners, etc. Additionally, on-ground activation at dealerships is also being carried out.



The first phase of the year-long campaign ends on 30th March which will be followed by the final winner selection in the first week of April.

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Commenting on the campaign, Mr. UT Ramprasad, Head Marketing Communications, CVBU, Tata Motors said, “At Tata Motors, we are constantly churning unique ways to positively impact the lives of our most important stakeholders, the truck drivers. ‘Photo OK Please’ is meant to be a platform for the drivers to engage with a wider audience and share their experiences on social media. We hope this contest will reveal the lesser known aspect of a truck driver’s life and inspire the youth to consider it as a viable career option. The campaign has received a very encouraging response so far and we look forward to all the wonderful entries still to come.”