VIDEO: India’s First Aerodrome Evacuation & Fire-fighting Truck


Airports are a busy place, filled with people wandering here and there from one counter to the other, huge airliners getting ready to dock to a terminal or take off on the runway and a huge support staff which runs here and there. Anything can go wrong in such a place filled with chaos, while authorities try their best to avoid any mishaps, they are sure indeed prepared to face them. One such piece of kit brought at the Mumbai airport to face such a situation is a new aerodrome evacuation and fire-fighting truck. Mumbai airport is the first one to get this kit but other airports will get it too very soon.

Mumbai airport truck

The chassis of this huge truck has been provided by Man Truck based in Germany, and the equipment is provided by Rosenbauer. The truck is made to provide access to an aircraft in a situation where the aircraft is not accessible. The ladder of the truck can go up to 8.3 metres high which is sufficient to reach the doors of any aircraft plying in the Mumbai airport. It must be noted that this truck is the last line of defence in case of an accident where the other firefighting trucks present on the airport ground cannot get the job done.

mumbai airport truck side

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The interior of the cabin gets a bunch of switches to control the hydraulic systems which move the ladder and platform here and there as per requirement. The truck also has a storage tank which stores foam to fight fires inside or outside of the aircraft. Do watch our video on this rescue equipment which you will find a link to below, do like and share the video and subscribe to the Motoroids channel for more such interesting vehicles.

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