OLA driver arrested for filming a lady passenger in Delhi

OLA cab driver Abhilash Singh (CRN No. 299860428) was arrested by Delhi Police after the passenger, Priyanka Gusain, caught him filming her.

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The crime rate in the country, especially against women, just does not seem to be coming down. In latest news, an OLA cab driver Abhilash Singh (CRN No. 299860428) was arrested by Delhi Police after the passenger, Priyanka Gusain, caught him filming her. Gusain was travelling to Chanakyapuri when she noticed a suspicious behavior of the driver. After a cautious look, her attention was drawn at the mobile phone which the driver was using to film her.

In a post shared on the cab aggregator’s Facebook timeline, Gusain  said, “As the cab moved on for the destination, I went about checking my emails and answering some important work related phone calls. However, I sensed something extremely strange about the cab driver… Moments later, my attention was pulled towards a phone which was neatly placed at an angle on his hand which allowed the aforementioned driver to very easily and comfortably record the happenings in the cab.”

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OLA Driver Films Lady Passenger

She forced him to stop the vehicle and grabbed his mobile phone. On finding her video, Gusain contacted the local police who arrested the driver. Upon receiving the complain, OLA has banned the driver from using the app. The cab aggregator said, “The driver partner has been terminated from our platform to ensure such experience by any of our customers is avoided.”

Despite several assurances by cab aggregators, such incidents of crime have not stopped surfacing. Last year, Uber cab (DL1YD 7910) driver Shiv Kumar Yadav was arrested from Mathura for allegedly raping a 27-year-old woman in his cab. Earlier this month, another Uber driver in Kolkata threatened to kidnap and rape a woman passenger.

Here is Gusain’s Facebook post describing the incident. Do share your views about the incident through the comments section below.

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  • Satish says:

    App based cabs have paved way to work based on driver’s smartphone ans nothing else. Again this is best for secured country where women and law is respected. Isn’t it quite easy to misguide a passenger by altering the map route/destination? Isn’t it easy for a driver to stop his phone GPS signal and take her to unknown place? Ola or Uber are all going to say we could not trace the driver destination. They will be done from their side as they are just aggrigators. It is all crime encouraging environment.

    Why can’t they allow new cabs to ply only with onboard dashcam streaming videos to control room where it is recorded for some time? This is very cheap now a days.

    Why can’t they make external GPS device fitment mandatory to all cabs? External fitment means drivers cannot switch it off and the cabs would always be traceable.

    Every company places lot of security measures on employees. More security measures are applied when they are contractors because of their short term nature. Here the drivers are attached even lesser than a contractor, thrn security measures should be even strigent. But if they are saying that is how they operate in USA then we are awaiting more crime.