Odysee E2Go Low-speed Electric Scooter Launched in India


The shift towards electric mobility is pretty ominous and so is the electric revolution in India, especially in the 2-wheeler mobility segment. There are new players jumping into the electric bandwagon on a regular basis and now, there are a slew of options in the 2-wheeler EV scheme, should you choose to buy one. One new entrant is the Odysee electric with its E2Go scooter.

More details

The E2Go electric scooter is available in 2 variants, one with a lead-acid battery, the E2Go and the E2Go lite with a Li-ion battery. The E2Go lite is priced at INR 63,999 ( ex-showroom, Ahmedabad ) while the standard E2Go is priced at INR 52,999 ( ex-showroom, Ahmedabad ).

Odysee Electric E2Go Yellow flanks

The E2Go scooter is available in 5 colour schemes – Azure blue, Scarlet Red, Teal green, Midnight black, Matte black. This electric scooter can be ridden without a license, registration and even without insurance.


The E2Go is propelled by a 250 W, 60V BLDC waterproof motor which can successfully propel the scooter to speeds of 25 Kph. The only difference between the 2 trims, as aforesaid is the difference in battery set. The standard E2Go gets an 28AH lead-acid battery while the E2Go lite gets an 1.26 kWh Li-ion battery pack. The range on these scooters is around 60 Km. The lead-acid battery on the E2Go takes around 5 hours to recharge the juice completely. On the other hand, the Li-ion battery on the E2Go lite can be charged completely in 4 hours and is also detachable, implying that you can swap the batteries.

Odysee Electric E2Go Red

Odyssey has equipped the E2Go scooter with a pair of telescopic forks at the front and dual dual spring hydraulic shocks on the rear. It gets a disc brake upfront and a drum brake on the rear with both tyres being tubeless tyres. The scooters are available in 9 dealerships across the country. The E2Go electric scooter also gets a reverse gear function, three ride modes, LED speedometer, anti-theft motor locking, keyless entry, and USB charging. The Li-ion battery offers a warranty of 3 years.

Official statement

Nemin Vora, Chief Executive Officer of Odysse Electric Vehicles, said –  “The E2Go is targeted towards the urban women and youth market where everyone wants to have their mobility in their own hands at an affordable entry cost without any hassle of registration process or license”


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