New Porsche Cayenne coming to India this July

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Business Standard Motoring reports that the latest version of the Posrche Cayenne will be available in India by 22-277th of July. The powerful SUv will be available with all its international engine options.The prices of the new car are said to be higher than the version it is going to replace. You can book all the five engines options for the car right away, as the bookings are already open. The engines range from a ‘low power’ 300 bhp 3.6-litre V6 to a turbocharged S version putting out 500-odd horses. A hybrid version and a diesel version (same as found on the Q7) will also be available for the car.

Transmission duties will be taken care of by an eight-speed tiptronic system which will replace the current six-speeder and increasing efficiency by as much as 20 percent in the process. The new car looks sharper, sportier, less boxy and resembles the Porsche family design even more closely. The prices of the car, as reported by BSM are as under. V6 6,582,000 Cayenne Diesel NA Cayenne S Hybrid 7,546,000 Cayenne S 7,862,000 Cayenne Turbo 12,710,000

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