Porsche Roxster or baby Cayenne on the anvil?

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Only yesterday we talked about the arrival of the latest Porsche Cayenne in India by the end of this month. While we may not be the biggest fans of this mammoth machine which, in our opinion has somewhat diluted the purity of Porsche as a brand, but the whole ludicrousness makes it the special machine that it is. And now since Porsche has already veered off its purist performance DNA already, it won’t feel too bad if the company goes a step further and creates a scaled down version of the machine.
If the reports from Germany’s Handelsblatt are to be believed, Ferdinand Piech is more than keen on adding a baby SUV to the Porsche’s expanding model lineup. The project has been in the news for a while now with rumors of the company bringing it on and off its product development list. But if Mr. Piech has made up his mind, there isn’t much that can stop the realization of this project.
Handelsblatt reports that the new SUV, referred to as the Roxster, will have to share its platform with the Audi Q5, A4 and A5 if it has to be financially viable. Now whether the new SUV can be made distinctive and exclusive enough to be priced more highly than the very accomplished Q5, is the question that Porsche needs to answer. Unless there is something really innovative and exclusive about the new SUV, its existence will be preposterous – sprouting from a wish, than a need. We are sure the SUV will sell, purely by virtue of being a Porsche – but it’ll hurt to know that the pedigree of our favorite sports car brand will be diluted a little more in the process.

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