New Mitsubishi Lancer coming soon

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With its aggressive shark-snout, the new Lancer ends up looking damn aggressive


Mitsubishi hasn’t been fairing too well in India of late. The  company doesn’t have a volume spinner and cars like the Lancer and Cedia are getting a little too old for the liking of someone who’s willing to spend a Rs 10 lakh on his car. The Lancer, however, has a special place in the heart of us all Indians, and even though its not selling now, it used to be the dream of every boy racer at one point in time.

There is good news though. The latest shark snouted, aggressive looking international model of the Mitsubishi Lancer may soon make its way to India. The HM-MItsu JV is thinking very seriously about bringing the car to India very soon, as its got a very high chance of being successful owing to its legacy and new model’s stunning, aggressive looks.

In its newest avatar, the Lancer is powered by a 2.0-litre MIVEC powerplant good for about 158PS of peak power and 200Nm of torque. Those numbers are exciting enough for Lancer lovers and shun the City for the Mitsu if the company manages to price it well. The car is a great performer, and has won critical acclaim for its handling prowess across the world.

We are not sure about the exact date of the launch, but the something is cooking in the HM camp for sure. We can soon see some new variants being churned out from the company’s plant.

The latest model of the Lancer is good enough to bring any car lover to his knees, so just to be on the safer side, Mitsubishi provides a driver side knee-airbag, you read it right, knee-airbag for the car. Let’s hope it hits our shores soon!

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