New 2018 Maruti Swift Gets A Subtle, Yet Appealing Upgrade

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Remember the slammed down 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift render? Someone from Kerala seems to have been inspired by that digital render (or probably something else) as he decided to turn his brand new, 2018 Suzuki Swift into a lowrider look. However, the owner kept rest of the body work in near stock condition and the result is a subtle, yet appealing customised hatchback that will catch a lot of attention wherever it goes.

We stumbled upon these photographs courtesy Basil Sunny Padavettil via Instagram. We could not get our hands on this customised Swift’s technical specifications and thus, the details are scarce at the moment.

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New 2018 Suzuki Swift Lowrider (1)

From what we can make out from the photographs, the new Swift trades the stock ground clearance for a low stance. The aftermarket alloy wheels are wrapped in wider set of tyres which add to the sporty persona of this customised Suzuki Swift. Another subtle, yet noticeable visual upgrade to the fascia is a red stripe on the grille which is probably inspired by the performance spec Suzuki Swift RS. At the rear, the hatchback gets a rear-door mounted spoiler while all the brand tags/logos have been completely eliminated. A black roof and ORVM cowl completes the visual overhaul of the Suzuki Swift.

As aforementioned, the technical details of this customised Suzuki Swift are scarce and thus we’d assume that the hatchback continues to use the factory installed engine in stock tune. Read more about the new 2018 Suzuki Swift in our detailed review.

Image Source: Basil Sunny Padavettil via Instagram

Check out all the available photographs of India’s first 2018 Suzuki Swift Lowrider in the gallery below:

New 2018 Suzuki Swift Lowrider (3)
New 2018 Suzuki Swift Lowrider (2)
New 2018 Suzuki Swift Lowrider (1)

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