New 2015 Mercedes-Benz C–Class Revealed: Images, Features, Specs and Everything Else Inside

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New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (5)

Mercedes-Benz has revealed its highly anticipated new 2015 C-Class today in the form of official images, technical specification, engine options and the feature list. In its latest iteration, the bestselling Mercedes car, which in its previous generation avatar has sold more than 2.4 million units, gets bolder and more technology laden than ever. The headline news for the new 2015 C-class is its optional air-suspension, which is a first for this class of cars. Earlier today we brought to you the leaked brochures of the car, and now we have every detail you want to know about it.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (3)

In its latest generation avatar, the C-Class has increased substantially in size as compared to its current generation version. At 2840mm, the wheelbase is a good 80mm longer as compared to the previous gen version. The new C-Class is also 95 mm longer and 40 mm wider. The benefits of this increase are reaped primarily the rear passengers, who get much better leg and shoulder room. At 480 liters, the boot is bigger than the previous version too.

While the prices for the car are yet to be announced, it’s quite clear that they are expected to be slightly higher than the outgoing version. An idea of the insurance quote for the car, however, can be had by looking at the quotes for the previous gen car at an insurance site, something like this – cheap car insurance with Express Insurance.

The good thing is, while the car has increased in size, use of lightweight materials has reduced its weight by as much as 100 kg! The use of an unusually high proportion of aluminium for a mass-produced range I key to achieving the feat. The share of aluminium has risen compared with the successful predecessor from under 10 per cent to almost 50 per cent.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (1)

In keeping with Mercedes-Benz traditions, the body is designed for exemplary crash safety. As a result, the Saloon complies not only with all current national laws but also with all rating requirements, as well as meeting the more stringent internal Mercedes-Benz safety standards based on what actually happens during accidents.

Boasting excellent aerodynamics and a new range of more fuel efficient engines, the new 2015 C-Class takes a big leap as regards performance and fuel efficiency. A host of new safety and assistance systems, along with the a new suspension, optionally air-sprung, makes the new car present itself is a solid competitor to its rivals.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (15)

Let’s discuss the various aspects of the new car in detail

Design and visual appeal

Visually, the new C-Class takes a bolder stance than its predecessor. Though progressive in its approach, the new C-class tried to add dynamism and tension on its exterior surfaces and lines in abundance.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (28)

The new C-Class features H7 halogen headlamps as standard. Option LED lighting system is available in two flavors: a static system and a dynamic version with “LED Intelligent Light System”. The characteristic night design lends the new C-Class its very own distinctive look in the dark, too. The rear lamp and brake light in the tail lights feature LED technology in all headlamp versions.

In profile the new C-class is defined by a long and sharp bonnet, with a pushed back passenger compartment, and short overhangs for that planted, aggressive look. Large wheels emphasize the rear and communicate a stylishly sporty character.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (24)

According to Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG, ” Progressive and emotional highlights underscore the ground-breaking design style of the new C-Class and demonstrate sensual clarity. The new C-Class interprets modern luxury on a new level.

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Interior design, quality and cabin features

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (6)

The interior of the new Mercedes C-Class is a clear departure from its traditional design theme. Bristling with freshness, and boasting the use of high quality materials, the interior of the new C-Class is really exciting. In terms of novelty value, it has to be the most exciting of all the new three pointed stars which have emerged on the horizon of late. The interior embodies a new design idiom, which according to Mercedes “is akin to the uplifting feeling of being upgraded from economy to business class on an aeroplane.”

The interior design of the new C-Class exhibits a bold new approach by Mercedes-Benz. It’s more on the lines of sports cars, with an all new centre console featuring flowing lines. In automatic vehicles, a large one-piece centre console panel performs an elegant sweep from the centre air vents to the armrest. These uncluttered lines really create a sense of openness and a clean, modern design.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (1)

On vehicles with manual transmission, the centre console is slightly steeper and features two separate trim elements in order to create ample space for ergonomic operation of the shift lever.

A centrally positioned 7 inch free-standing central display is the main eye-catching feature across the centre console. The screen grows in size to 8.4 inches if you order the COMAND online system with the car.

Talking of the COMAND Online system – it enables digital TV / radio reception, for example, and offers a host of other features including fast hard-disc navigation, Live Traffic Information integrated WLAN hotspot functionality and the LINGUATRONIC voice control system.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (32)

In addition, the Audio 20 system on the car is internet-capable. You can surf the internet without restrictions when the car is stationary. On the move, Mercedes-Benz Apps such as Weather, Google Local Search with StreetView and Panoramio, Destination/Route Download and Facebook can be used.

Audio and video playback is possible from various sources, e.g. via Bluetooth, from the Apple iPod and iPhone, from SD card, USB stick or CD/DVD (with Audio 20 CD or higher and with COMAND Online. A Burmester® surround sound system is optionally available.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (5)

There are five round A/C vents – three in the center and two on the ends. With their metallic effect, they create contrast to the warm look of the other materials such as the wood in the centre console or the leather on the dashboard. When it comes to air-conditioning, the new C-Class amazes with its GPS controlled recirculation control. It uses the map information from the navigation system and the GPS location data to close the air recirculation flap automatically when the vehicle enters a tunnel, subsequently re-opening it when the vehicle emerges from the tunnel. Further, the AIR-BALANCE package has active fragrancing, air ionisation and more efficient filtration as advantages over the standard package.

All switches feature a high-quality, three-dimensional design and have been designed keeping in mind ease of use and luxury feel.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (3)

The Sci-Fi feature within the cabin is the innovative touchpad in the handrest over the Controller knob on the centre tunnel. Like smartphones, this touch unit provides for very an intuitive operation of all the head-unit functions using finger gestures. You can draw letters, numbers and special characters with your fingers on the pad in any language. The user also receives clear haptic feedback when operating the touchpad’s control surface.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (2)

You also get a HUD (Head-up display) for the first time in the C-Class. Emulating jet fighters, the system can display important information like vehicle speed, speed limits and navigation instructions and displays messages from DISTRONIC PLUS to prevent distractions.

The new C-Class in available in three different design and equipment lines for the exterior and interior respectively for better customization and addition of optional equipment.

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Engine and Transmission

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (6)

During it launch, the new 2015 Mercedes C-Class is available with a choice of three engines – one diesel and two petrols. The C220 BlueTEC is a 2.2 liter diesel with 170bhp and 400Nm of torque. The C180 is a 1.6 liter unit with 156bhp and 250Nm of torque. While the C200 produces 184 bhp and 300 Nm of torque.All the versions come equipped with the ECO start/stop function and comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

The power and performance details of the three engines are provided below.






0-62 mph

in sec.




Efficiency class

C 220 BlueTEC








C 180








C 200








  • A small 1.6 litres diesel with 115 or 136 hp / 280 or 320 Nm depending on the configuration
  • There will also be an advanced version of the proven 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine in several output variants. This diesel engines derived from that unit will cover an output range from 115 hp to 204 hp.
  • BlueDIRECT petrol engines with third-generation direct injection – these will be top of the line performance oriented petrol engines
  • Hybrid with four-cylinder diesel and petrol engine – The C 300 BlueTEC HYBRID with four-cylinder diesel engine and a compact electric motor generates an output of 204 + 27 hp. A further particularly economical hybrid model, which is to follow in time, will feature state-of-the-art plug-in technology.

New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (9)

Transmission duties for the entire engine range will be taken care of by three units – depending on the engine and the customer’s choice. Two of these will be the 6-speed manual units for the four-cylinder engines with increased shifting precision. Automatic gear shifting is provided by the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission, which is the advanced version of the smooth and responsive 7G-TRONIC auto tranny.

Suspension and Steering

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (31)

The New C-Class features a nw 4 link independent front suspension. The 4-link front independent unit is fully decoupled from the spring strut for more grip and higher lateral stability, and sporty feel. At the rear, the car has 5-link independent suspension for fantastic straight-line stability. This basic suspension layout is available in three flavors to suit the taste and requirements of the customer.

  • a comfort suspension
  • a lowered comfort suspension with a sportier character
  • a sports suspension lowered by 15 mm

First air suspension in its category (Optional)

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (10)

The new C-Class is the first vehicle in its segment that can be fitted with an air suspension (AIRMATIC) on the front and rear axles. The driver can use the AGILITY SELECT switch to choose between the various characteristics: “Comfort”, “ECO”, “Sport” and “Sport+”. The additional “Individual” option enables drivers to configure their vehicle according to their own wishes. AIRMATIC also features all-round self-levelling for optimum ride comfort even when the vehicle is loaded.

The new C-Class also comes with an electric parking brake as standard. This brake is released automatically when the driver ends parking mode with the aim of moving off.


The new 2015 Mercedes C-Class comes with an electromechanical Direct Steer System as standard. The power assistance on the system is dependent on the vehicle speed, while the steering ratio varies according to the given steering angle.

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Safety and assistance systems (As mentioned in the release)

New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (8)

The new C-Class incorporates almost all of the new assistance systems with a host of enhanced functions, which celebrated their world premiere in the S-Class and E-Class only a few months ago. The assistance systems enhance both comfort and safety. Mercedes-Benz calls this Intelligent Drive.

The new C-Class offers numerous innovative safety and assistance systems. It is fitted as standard with ATTENTION ASSIST, which can warn the driver of inattentiveness and drowsiness. On motorways, the COMAND system navigation function flags up nearby break options as stopovers, providing the system has been specified in the vehicle. The ATTENTION ASSIST function offers an adjustable level of sensitivity and can inform the driver in a separate view in the instrument cluster about their level of drowsiness and how long they have been driving since their last break.

In addition to Adaptive Brake Assist, which offers protection from collisions from speeds as low as 5 mph, standard-fit COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS also features an additional function: when a danger of collision persists and the driver fails to respond, the system is able to carry out autonomous braking at speeds of up to 125 mph, thereby reducing the severity of collisions with slower or stopping vehicles. The system also brakes in response to stationary vehicles at a speed of up to 31 mph, and is able to prevent rear-end collisions at speeds of up to 25 mph.

New assistance systems and existing assistance systems with a host of enhanced functions from the new S-Class and E-Class are also optionally available, combining data from various sensor technologies as part of the Intelligent Drive concept to enhance comfort and safety substantially:

  • DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist and integrated Stop Go Pilot is a semi-automatic traffic jam assistant which at speeds less than 37 mph is able to follow the vehicle ahead even where lane markings are unclear or completely lacking, thus providing a safe and convenient means of following the flow of traffic.
  • The BAS PLUS Brake Assist System can now also detect crossing traffic and boost the braking force if the driver fails to apply the brakes sufficiently; the PRE-SAFE® Brake can detect stationary vehicles as well as pedestrians, brake automatically if the driver fails to react, thus preventing accidents up to 31 mph and mitigating the severity of collisions at speeds of up to 45 mph. In flowing traffic, the PRE-SAFE® Brake provides assistance according to the same mode of operation throughout the speed range from five to 125 mph.
  • Enhanced Active Lane Keeping Assist can now also prevent the vehicle from unintentionally drifting out of lane when broken lane markings apply and a risk of a collision arises, e.g. as a result of vehicles overtaking at high speed, parallel traffic or even oncoming traffic, by applying the brakes on one side.

The assistance systems also include

  • Active Parking Assist, which enables automated parking with active steering and brake intervention in both parallel and end-on parking spaces,
  • A 360° camera, which is able to show the vehicle and its surroundings from various perspectives, including a virtual bird’s eye view,
  • Traffic Sign Assist with Wrong-Way Alert, which warns of speed limits and alerts the driver to no-overtaking zones and no-entry signs, Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, which allows the high-beam headlamps to be kept on permanently without dazzling traffic by masking out other vehicles in the cone of light from the high-beam headlamps.

Airbags for safety

In addition to 3-point seat belts with pyrotechnical belt tensioning and belt force limitation for the driver, the front passenger and those in the outer rear seats, numerous airbags serve to protect the vehicle’s occupants in an accident. These include:

  • pelvisbags for driver and front passenger
  • a newly developed windowbag
  • sidebags for the outer rear seats
  • a kneebag for the driver

The front passenger seat can additionally be fitted with automatic child seat recognition, which dispenses with the previous transponder in favour of a weight mat. This enables any child seat to be used. The airbag is automatically deactivated when a child seat is fitted and reactivated once it has been removed.

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New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (9)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (8)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (7)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (6)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (5)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (4)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (3)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (2)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class Interior (1)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (32)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (31)
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New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (11)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (10)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (9)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (8)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (7)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (6)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (5)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (4)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (3)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (2)
New 2015 Mercedes C Class exterior (1)

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