Narendra Modi one of my heroes, says Outgoing Ford chief.

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Alan Mulally called Narendra Modi as one of his heroes and said Mr Modi’s pro development focus to improve the economy will work well for the country. Speaking to ET, Mullaly said he has observed Mr Modi over the years and thinks he will be one of our great prime ministers, for his belief in economic development and focus on infrastructure.

Mulally took over Ford about eight years back when the auto major was staring at a loss of $17 billion and most of the industry in Detroit and around the world was in shambles. Mr Mulally’s strategy worked at a time when the other two auto giants in Detroit had to be rescued by the government financially, while Ford was the only one that did not ask for a rescue loan. A man motivated by president John F Kennedy’s challenge to send a man to the moon, when he was just 17, Mr Mullaly worked for Boeing before joining Ford and made notable contributions to the Boeing 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 and the 777.


In India to bid farewell to employees of Ford’s Chennai plant, he said, India will provide great insights to Ford in the product development of B and C segment cars, while adding that India should focus on manufacturing, creating jobs and bringing growth to eyeryone involved.

Ford has built it’s second plant in Sanand, gujarat at a cost of 4000 crores, speaking of which, Mulally added that the business environment in Gujarat has been very conducive because of the leadership and it’s resolve to develop the state and attract more jobs.

Source: ET

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