Motoroids is testing the new A-star AT (automatic) today!


Motoroids Editor Amit Chhangani is in Delhi today for testing the Maruti Suzuki A-star automatic. He’ll drive the car from Delhi to Agra and back to test the potency of the automatic transmission. Will the automatic transmission iron out the sluggish low end performance of the car’s three cylinder? Will the premium for an automatic transmission be worth the money the effort? We should have answers to these question by today evening. Stay tuned to Motoroids for our report of the Maruti Suzuki A-star AT.

Amit Chhangani from Motoroids will test the Maruti Suzuki A-star AT (automatic) today on a drive from Delhi to Agra and back. Stay tuned for the test report...

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All the info that you need about the Maruti Suzuki A-star AT is being updated here:


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