Motorcycles Suffer Massive Damage During Transportation Despite Cage Protection


Just days ago, we reported how motorcyclists from Kerala complained about massive damages to their motorcycles during transit to Manali. Now, after GATI-KWE, it’s VRL LOGISTICS who is facing complaints from motorcyclists for reportedly damaging their Royal Enfield motorcycles during transportation. Surprisingly, these motorcycles suffered damages despite being transported using cage protection.


Here are a few motorcycles being wrapped at VRL Warehouse Tumkur Road, Karnataka which seems like a decent job of packing:

Now here’s the video posted by motorcycling group Wind Chasers on Facebook:

Apart from regular insurance, most logistics companies cover damages during transit so we’re sure the costs of repairs would be looked after. But it’s really sad to see your prized possession in such condition. In fact, the Royal Enfield Himalayan suffered from a broken handlebar during transit. We’re even surprised to look at the state of the vehicles despite being protected by the metal cage.

Here’s an example of how folks overseas transport their motorcycles:

And another one:

How should you make sure of safe transport of your prized possession?

As we said before, read reviews and learn from others’ experience with the service providers and opt for the one with maximum customer satisfaction. Secondly, buy your own quality wrapping material like bubble wrap and cardboard or foam blocks and also make sure to carry good quality harness and cable ties too.

What do you have to say about the incident? Did you suffer from such experiences? Share your views and experiences through the comments section below.

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