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So what if you find those European luxury crossovers to be a bit out of your budget? Have a good look at the modified Tata Safari images we have here on this page. Modified by Big Daddy Customs, this modified Tata Safari boasts of several design cues that work together to bestow it with a sense of premium-ness.

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While this Tata Safari here might not mimic the Audis or the Rangies in terms of design and styling, worth mentioning is that it costs just a fraction of what the models from the aforementioned manufacturers do. For instance, a Range Rover Evoque costs roughly INR 55 lakhs in Indian car market. And just to further drive home our point, allow us to let you know that this Tata Safari modification costs just INR 8 lakhs. And this mod job takes anywhere between three to four months for completion.

True, this modified Safari might not look like a perfect replica of any of the premium crossovers we have on sale here but it sure manages t0 grab many eyeballs on the road. What do you have to say about this Safari modification here? Do you like the way this modified Tata Safari looks? Do share your views with us by penning them down in the comments section below.

We would like to thank Akshar Patel for sharing these images and details with us.

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