This modified Shark Tooth R25 from Indonesia is an angry, angry bird

Modified R25 from Indonesia with a custom paint job, a reworked body kit and an Over performance exhaust system along with projector headlamps and LEDs

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modified Yamaha R25 (2)

While we are still waiting to lay our hands on the highly anticipated Yamaha R25 in India, our friends in Indonesia have already started modifying the motorcycle extensively. One such heavily (if not very tastefully) modified specimen of the newest Yammy has been shot and written about by our Indonesian friends at TMC Blog. The shark snouted R25 you see here in these pictures belongs to one Stefen from Layz-Motor, a longstanding friend of the blokes at the Indonesian blog.

Yamaha R25 modofication (2)

The bike has some really interesting details. They may appear loud to the evolved tastes of erudite aficionados, but hey, red is the colour of riot, and not everyone is a saint! The most noticeable change on the motorcycle is the replacement of stock headlamp units with projector lamps and the addition of an ‘angel eyes’ led lining, which together with the pink-red twin hue of the headlamps, gives this R25 an ‘Angry Bird’ face when viewed front on.

Yamaha R25 modofication (4)

In addition, the motorcycle receives a loud, shark-tooth paint job with red, black and white being the prominent colours. The stock rear view mirror has been replaced with a sharper, sleeker unit.

There is another interesting detail on the bodywork. The stock fairing has been replaced with a custom body kit which makes you think that the bike has a twin-spar frame. The stock bike features a humbler tubular diamond chassis, but our friend from Indonesia has tried his bit to deceive onlookers into believing that the motorcycle has a Delta Box frame. Have a look at the bike in profile and you’d know what we are talking about here

Yamaha R25 modofication (2)

Other changes include a reworked rear cowl, golden painted bar-grips, special candy finish red coloured wheels and tyres sized 120/17 – 160/17 front and rear. Nothing much has been done to bump up the performance expected for the ‘Over’ exhaust muffler which is supposed to increase the performance marginally.

So what do you think about this rather extrovertly styled R25 embodying the hybrid aggression of a shark and an Angry Bird? Do let us know your thoughts, and voice any suggestions that you would want to make for the design, as our friends in Indonesia are most likely reading this.

Yamaha R25 modofication (6)
Yamaha R25 modofication (5)
Yamaha R25 modofication (4)
Yamaha R25 modofication (3)
Yamaha R25 modofication (2)
Yamaha R25 modofication (1)
modified Yamaha R25 (6)
modified Yamaha R25 (5)
modified Yamaha R25 (4)
modified Yamaha R25 (3)
modified Yamaha R25 (2)
modified Yamaha R25

Images: TMC Blog

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