Michael Schumacher Crash- Schumi’s condition unchanged

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It has emerged that health conditions of Michael Schumacher, who suffered serious crash injuries in a skiing crash, hasn’t shown much of an improvement since we last reported about him. CLICK HERE to read about Michael Schumacher Crash

Michael’s wife Corinna has requested media to go easy on the struggling family, as Schumacher is still in a critical condition.

Ever since Schumi’s wife Corinna made this request, both the racer’s manager and the Grenoble hospital have refrained from issuing any sort of official statement.

However, sources in hospital have stated that the ex-F1 driver remains in a stable yet critical condition, with his health conditions having “not changed since the last statement of the doctors“.

Currently, Schumacher is undergoing new brain scans to make sure that there is no risk of renewed bleeding and infections.

The doctors want to see which areas of the brain are damaged and which are functional,” the source explained.

It is not clear when new official information about his health is expected, but it could take weeks, or even months,“it added.

Another former F1 driver, Philippe Streiff, who visited Schumacher earlier, is being criticized for divulging information about Schumacher’s condition to the media. It was Streiff who controversially revealed that Schumacher’s “life is not in danger any more”.

I was very disappointed and upset to see the French driver who did a press conference talking about Michael Schumacher,” fellow Frenchman Alesi told RMC Sport.

We must respect his family and leave them alone, and especially the doctors (should be left) to do their work,” he added.