MG Group unveils Columbus coach for the aviation industry



MG Group unveiled Columbus, the company’s first special application coach (tarmac coach) at Busworld India 2016. The coach was unveiled at the hands of R.V Deshpande, Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries, Infrastructure Development, Government of Karnataka along with Mohan V. Kamat, Founder and Chairman – MG Group and Anil M. Kamat, Managing Director – MG Group.

According to the company, Columbus is a fully monocoque ultra-low flat-floor tarmac coach developed currently for international markets with a passenger entry floor height of 290 mm (after kneeling). The coach offers passenger entry and exit with five passenger doors (3 at LH side & 2 at RH side). It is 12 metre-long and is said to accommodate 70 passengers (8 seated and 62 standees). Equipped with technologies such as ECAS, ABS, and CAN bus systems, the coach complies with Airport Handling Manual regulations.

The Indian market reportedly demands about 50 coaches per year, which is expected to grow as aged tarmac coach fleets are also due for replacement. Airlines have also placed record order sizes for aircrafts, which in turn, will increase the demand for tarmac coaches. Tier-2 city airports under focus will also boost the demand of tarmac coaches.

On the unveiling of ‘Columbus’, Anil Kamat, Managing Director, MG Group said, “Over the past two decades, we at MG Group have played a significant role in the Indian Bus Building landscape, recognizing customer needs and introducing game-changing and innovative products and solutions for the Bus & Coach Industry. The ‘Columbus’, currently diesel powered, is envisioned to be offered with CNG as well as Electric Drive lines in the short term. In India, the air passenger traffic has been increasing at approximately 20% year-on-year and hence the demand for Tarmac Coaches is also increasing. The total park volume is currently 800 Coaches, being a highly niche segment.

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