Meru Eve pink taxi fleet to offer safer commutes to Delhi women

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Keeping in mind the rising crime incidents against women in the country, Meru cab has introduced a new taxi fleet called “Eve”. This fleet receives hatchback cars painted in pink and white colour and are driven by women drivers. Meru has equipped the Eve cabs with pepper sprays and panic buttons that will notify the company in case of trouble. Meru also claims that the women drivers have been trained by Delhi Police to protect themselves and the passengers. Currently, the fleet comprises of 20 vehicles and Meru may extend the reach to other cities of the country soon.

In December 2014, an Uber Car driver allegedly raped a 27-year-old woman in Delhi which raised questions about safety of the fairer sex in the national capital. This new taxi service is likely to receive positive response from the customers. Would you like to see this taxi service in your city? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments section below.

Source: WSJ

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