Mercedes Releases Song For Its Service Workers. We are…speechless!

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Mercedes recently released a new song dedicated to the workforce at its service centres. To be frank, we have mixed opinions about this five-minute-long epic. The song starts with some soft music and images of service centre staff working their magic on Mercedes cars. However, seconds later, the the soft music turns into something contrasting and the happy faces in the images suddenly don’t look that glad anymore. Oh, and we still haven’t figured out what made Mercedes choose those lyrics. Here are some verses dedicated to the staff-

I like them to be strong,

that they catch me when I skid.

Like them to turn me on.

I thought that some of them did.

But just as I needed a helping hand

So many men were “out of service,” not like you…

And we also don’t feel like appreciating the tone in which all this is sung.

Check out for yourself –

Tell us, what do you feel about this?

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