Upcoming McLaren P13, entry level supercar, spotted testing

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While we all thought that McLaren is busy testing a facelift-ed version of its MP4-12C, it has emerged that the car that was earlier spotted at the Nürburgring was in fact a test mule for McLaren’s P13, upcoming entry level supercar.

A McLaren spokesman told UK media that the car which has been spotted is “a mule prototype of P13 undertaking early testing,”. He also added that the carmaker does not intend to be seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

All this means that McLaren could be testing P13’s engine and chassis performance on the track. The P13 will borrow both of these from the MP4.

The McLaren P13 is being expected to cost almost 30 percent lesser than the Mp4’s US$230,000 / £170,000. This means that the car could go on sale for approx. $160,000 in the US and £120,000 in the United Kingdom. Powering the upcoming McLaren P13 will be a de-tuned version of the MP4’s 3.8-liter V8 motor. For the P13, this motor could have a max power output of around 430 bhp and this would enable the upcoming entry level MclLaren supercar to challenge the Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8, the upcoming Mercedes-Benz SLC and the likes.

The McLaren P13 could be launched in early 2015. Stay tuned to Motoroids for more info on upcoming McLaren P13 entry level supercar.

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