Mercedes CLA could be rivaled by speculated Peugeot 408 GT

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It has emerged French car maker Peugeot is contemplating coming up with a luxurious yet trendy car that would rival the Mercedes CLA and the likes.

It may be noted that the German premium car makers are laughing their way to the bank due to the success their front-wheel drive models have achieved. It is being said that the French car maker could soon come up with a model that would rival the stylish Merc. This model will be called as the Peugeot 408 GT and will be essentially a re-badged Citroen DS 5LS

As can be understood from the name, the upcoming model will find itself positioned between the 308 and 508. The GT part hints that the car could have class leading performance figures and would be high on sportiness quotient.

Another rumor about the upcoming model says that the 408 GT could share its platform with the 308 and have a modern torsion beam rear suspension. Engines too could be carried over, with even the 266 hp making it to the upcoming model.

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