Meet The Mean Metal Azani: An Indian Electric Hypercar With 1000HP On Tap!

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Electric hypercars are the talk of the town with their exhilarating performance and I.C hypercar killing capabilities. A recent instance being of the Rimac Nevera which produces 1914 hp and 2360 nm of torque. Coming to India, electric mobility is going to take a while before it becomes common let alone electric hypercars. But what if we told you that an Indian company is already working on a 1,000 hp electric hypercar? That’s right, the Mean Metal Motors Azani could very well be the first Indian hypercar.

mean metal azani side (1)

What is it?

The Azani looks just like you expect an electric hypercar to look- futuristic, radical and bold. The front of the car looks quite similar to the company’s logo. The Azani is based on a skateboard aluminium spaceframe chassis that’s highly flexible to use across various models. The use of modular components by the company for the hypercar means that it can decrease supplier margins by 25%. The Azani will also feature high-tech features such as augmented reality display screens, M-log integration, advanced morphing seats and advanced telematics.

mean metal azani drifting (1)

How safe is it?

In terms of safety, it will feature adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane change warning, collision avoidance system, torque vectoring system and advanced AI module. The hypercar’s micro-factory will also use AI to increase efficiency and reduce costs. It will also feature over the air updates.

mean metal azani top (1)

Time to crunch some mind-numbing numbers?

Additional details include assisted dynamic ventilated carbon brakes, double-wishbone suspension with adaptive MR damping and electronic power steering.  Coming to the specs, it features a 120 kWh battery pack which produces 1,000hp and 1,000nm of torque. The range is estimated to be 520kms. It can do 0-100km/h in a blistering 2.1 seconds and go on to a top speed of 352km/h.

mean metal azani rear (1)

It can even endure lateral g’s of up to 2g’s. Mean Metal Motors previewed the M-Zero back in 2015 which was said to be India’s first supercar. Mean Metal Motors has not announced any timeline for the release of the production version of the Azani yet. We don’t know the pricing as well however one can reserve the Azani via their website.

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