Meet the new Husqvarna TC300 – The first Husky post KTM takeover

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Austrian performance bike maker KTM recently took the veils off their first-ever Husqvarna bike, The new Husqavarna TC300 is the first Husky to come out from Pierer Industries AG, which is a company owned by Stefan Pierer, CEO at KTM. The new Husqavarna TC300 takes a lots of bits from the Husqvarna TV250, which is a 2-stroke machine known for its hooliganism.

Basically, what the boffins at KTM have done is to plonk in a more powerful 300cc engine to make the bike even more exciting.


Other than a more powerful motor, the new TC300 also comes with a host of new bits such as a a new carbon-fiber subframe, a WP suspension, a new bespoke Akrapovic exhaust, billet machined hubs and the quintessential Husqvarna Factory racing paint scheme.

The new Husky TC300 will be have its public outing on October 5 in Sweden.It has also emerged that the new Husqvarna  could be launched before the end of this year.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for more info on the new Husqvarna TC300.

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