Maruti offers enormous discounts to tackle sales slowdown

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The auto industry saw fall in sales due to economic slowdown that hit the market. Automobile manufacturers have witnessed dampening impact and customers are staying away from buying new vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki however is trying to fight this slowdown by way of offering enormous discounts on select products. Maruti plans to offer a discount ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 90,000 on models like Alto, Ritz, Wagon R, Ertiga, Sting Ray and SX4.


Customers can also avail exchange bonus, along with these discounts, making owning a car whole lot cheaper. But this does not end here. If your company avails, you can also get an corporate discount making the cars more cheaper.

The total number of units sold by Maruti (domestic and export) in 2013-14 have come down to 11,55,041 from 11,71,434 in 2012-13. The models which have suffered fall in sales are mainly the ones that have received discounts in prices.


While the SX4 is offered with a discount of Rs 90,000, Wagon R comes Rs 65,000 cheaper than its original price. Ertiga and Stingray are being priced Rs 60,000 lower while the discount on Alto model varies from Rs 40,000-50,000.

However, it is still not clear as to what impact will this discount spree will have on profit numbers. But it will surely bring back the buyers who are shying away from buying new vehicles.

Source: ET Auto

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