Marc Márquez Takes 230+ HP Repsol Honda RC213V To Snow-Clad Mountains

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We’ve seen MotoGP champion Marc Márquez take on the podium after many battles with fellow racers but this time around, the Repsol Honda rider was seen at the Hahnenkamm race.


The Hahnenkamm race is one of the most challenging races for skiers. So what exactly was the renowned MotoGP racer doing at a skiing competition? Márquez was seen riding his 230+ hp RC213V on at the event, thus becoming the first man to go up Austria’s Kitzbühel Alps on a MotoGP machine.

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Here’s the extended version of the video of Marc Márquez riding on the snow:

How did he do it? With some help from Austrian ice speedway legend Franky Zorn. The Repsol Honda RC213V was equipped with special tyre spikes which helped motorcycle grip the snow. The traction too was most probably at its peak to gain maximum grip in the snow.

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That’s quite an attempt. What do you think of the run? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

Marc Marquez – Action
Marc Marquez – Portrait
Marc Marquez – Portrait

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