Mahindra’s Swanky Convertible SUV Will be Their Showstopper at Auto Expo 2018


Mahindra is planning to floor the visitors at its pavillion with a swanky new convertible SUV. The new drop-top SUV concept will be more of an exercise in design, though, than an effort to create a production prototype. Mahindra has always enthralled the audience at its Auto Expo stall with exciting concepts like the Halo electric supercar in 2014 and the XUV Aero concept in 2016 which blended a coupe-like design with an SUV, a La, BMW X6.

Obviously, the drop top SUV is a closely guarded secret that the folks at ACI have somehow managed to bring out – so the details are scarce and not much is known about the platform upon which the concept will be built. ACI, however, is pointing out that the new Mahindra convertible SUV could be built on the TUV300 platform. Would that be the best choice? Well, for a cool looking, premium drop top SUV, the basic TUV300 won’t be the right choice according to us, though anything we say here is pure conjecture, and Mahindra may create something that amazes the audience.

The new convertible SUV is said to be a sub-4 meter machine. Since it’s not expected to be a very big car, the engine powering it, at least on paper is expected to be an enhanced version of the 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, mHawk 100 diesel engine that currently dishes out 101hp of power and 240Nm of torque. The concept will be get a body on ladder frame tyre construction, and may have some off-roading capability as an option on the spec sheet as well.

Expect the interior to be finished in a very youthful, vibrant manner as the interior of the car will be open to the eyes of the public. Mahindra will gauge feedback and take a decision on whether it wants to put this concept into As mentioned before, we don’t expect the concept to make it to production, although, according to ACI, Mahindra will gather feedback and take a decision on whether to put the car into production or not.

Nissan-Murano-Cross-Cabriolet-300x300 Land-Rover-Evoque-Convertible-300x300

In the past, Nissan, with its Cross Cabriolet and Land Rover with the Evoque Convertible have created such machines, though the instances of SUV convertibles are still very rare.

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