Mahindra Offers Minimum INR 4 Lakh Buyback Value, Free maintenance On Bolero Pik-Up Range

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Mahindra & Mahindra is now offering two unprecedented, industry first guarantees* on its Bolero Pik-Up range. The set of assured buyback value and free maintenance guarantees* will enable Bolero Pik-Up customers to improve their earning potential by assuring the resale value of their vehicles and reducing both maintenance cost and downtime.

‘India ke No. 1 Pick Up Ka Vaada’, offers the following guarantees* on the Bolero Pik-Up Range:

  • Minimum INR 4 lakh buyback value after 4 years – An industry first assured buyback value which will ensure the return on investment through committed resale value on the strength of the Bolero Pik-Up brand. Thus, it protects the customer’s interest by reducing the total ownership cost and increasing the profitability over a 4 year lifecycle.
  • Free maintenance for 2 years – This guarantee ensures that customer expenses for “Periodic Maintenance Schedule (PMS)” is nil for a period of two years which translates into higher savings for customers. This, in turn, reduces both maintenance cost and improves earnings

In addition to the above, the company is also offering a service guarantee within two hours, with the promise of NR 750 cash back in case of any delay. The higher uptime will allow customers to earn more money and save time. Further, the bumper to bumper standard warranty has been increased from 1 year to 2 years/ 1 lakh kms.

To add to this, the widespread Mahindra network of over 3,000 service centers and associates facilitates easy repair and service.

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