Made for India Personal Navigation solutions from NNG and ANS India

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ANS Personal Navigation Device


“Let’s meet for a cappuccino at Barista. You don`t know the place?, Don’t worry, just ask the rickshaw-walla to take a U turn after Shahrukh Khan`s Mannat and you`ll see the Barista on your right!”. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? So is that how most of us get from point A to point B?

In the wake of recent crimes it’s totally justified if the fairer sex does not entirely trust the free advice from strangers to help you find your destination. We all know the best route to our favorite Multiplex and our office, but sadly we the intelligent species have no foresight of a surprise traffic build up en route! Say hello to NNG Personal Navigation Devices which slot in perfectly no matter what the situation, to help you reach your destination in the fastest or the shortest possible route and also offers a lot more than an average navigation device.

ANS Personal Navigation Device launched in India

Originally founded as “Nav N Go Kft” (now NNG) in 2004, this Hungarian company has made an impressive progress in a short span owing to their innovative approach. NNG has spent a good over two years doing the research after their foray in our country in October 2011. NNG has partnered with ANS (Ayana Navigation Solutions) who offer complete navigation and car multimedia solutions. NNG takes pride in being a contributor towards Renault Duster`s global popularity, yes the Duster is sold worldwide with NNG PND! In India, the company has partnered with Tata Motors, VW and Renault. Bikers, Bulleteers (Royal Enfield) and lone wanderers rejoice, NNG – ANS also plan to introduce navigation solutions for two wheelers by mid – 2014.

Come October 2013, the PND conglomerate will launch two models, the ANS Navigator A – 501 and the Navigation A – 431 which are differentiated on the basis of features offered and of course the price asked. Expect the release of Android and IOS based platforms for mobile devices for the smart phone savvy next gen, very soon.

So how different is this offering from the devices that are already available on the market to which India is briskly warming up to. As correctly pointed out by Mr. Peter Bolesza (Vice President of Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets NNG LLC), an average person can certainly not judge the 500 meters part of “Take the second exit after 500 meters” . NNG`s intensive research tells that even Costa Ricans like us Indians, find use of landmarks or “points of interests” (POIs) to make finding a place easier and more convenient.

Mr. Amit Sharma (Director, Sales & Business Development -Ayana Navigation Solutions Pvt. Ltd) has been a key element in spearheading and providing the crucial `localization` compenent of the venture. Along with ANS they have painstakingly developed the software for iGO over two years which promises a easy to use interface already. With this, NNG manages to shatter the inhibitions associated with the use of PNG devices and take it even further by adding host of innovative features. At launch, the devices will only be available in English and Hindi language options, but ANS & NNG plan to introduce a lot more in the future.

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