Live Updates From Mahindra Mojo & Stallio All India Launch

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– Anand Mahindra and Aamir Khan appeal to the nation, to accept today’s Ayodhya verdict sportingly and continue to be the law abiding citizens that we are. The function was organised today, because they believed in the country’s unit and were sure that there would be nothing to worry about.

– Mahindra Mojo will also be exported to international markets.

– Aamir Khan, has never owned a bike in his life! He will now, at least for the sake of the contract with M&M. Aamir also said that he would be taking his kids on a ride on the Mahindra Stallio.

– The 110 Stallio engine has been developed by Engines Engineering, Mahindra and a Chinese supplier.

– Mr. Anup Mathur says that the company is working on expanding dealerships in Mumbai.

– The bikes are under production at the Pitampur Plant, which is capable of producing upto 6 lakh units between scooter and motorcycles.

– The bikes will go on sale in select markets by December 2010/January 2011.

– The first Mahindra Mojo will be auctioned and the earnings will be in favor of an NGO.

– Here’s a pic of Aamir Khan addressing the guests…

– Both the bikes will come with 4 years/ 40,000 kms warranty and eight free services.

– Here is the important bit…Mahindra Mojo is priced at Rs. 1.75 lakh and Mahindra Stallio with alloys and digital console is priced at Rs.44,ooo (All prices are ex-showroom, Pune.)

– The Mojo bike presented here, is a hand crafted prototype. It does seem to have a lot of firsts in terms of design, technology, etc.

– The ‘Mojo’ name comes from a vodoo amulet.

– Anand Mahindra is supposedly a big fan of the Blues and loved the song, ‘I got my Mojo working’

– Anand Mahindra said that they wanted an honest and non- superficial celebrity as a Brand Ambassador and Aamir fits the bill perfectly.

– Aamir Khan said, “Mahindra is a great brand and it’s a real pleasure for me to be one of the first ever Brand Ambassadors for the Mahindra Group”

– Ohh, Aamir Khan is the Brand Ambassador for the Mahindra Stallio! Guess, now it has to be perfect!

– The next dance act begins…this time for the Stallio.

– Mahindra Mojo will be the fastest bike in India! Can hardly wait to find out!

– And here, is the flowery part…


– Here’s a pic of the dancers. Fancy!

– The video of the Mojo bike is been shown… And the flowery dancers are back!

– Here’s a snap of Mr. Anup Mathur, addressing the guests…


– With this, the show has begun! Finally!

– “These offerings have come after a lot of market research. The development has been made, keeping in mind the Mahindra DNA. Our motorcycles will delight the customers the same way, our Mahindra vehicles do.”

– FYI, Mr. Anup Mathur is the President, Two Wheeler Division, M&M

– “We are going to take a giant leap today with our new offerings” – Mr. Anup Mathur said.

– “M&M’s bike will be one-of-a-kind. Alien?”

– The event has finally started. A hunky bloke trying hard to act like a cool host. #fail.

– The hired, low paid promo models look uninterested as usual. Will try to steal a snap of them…

– Thankfully, the TV crew has been given a higher platform to carry out their shoots, which is behind the seating area. This way our puny photographer will not get ragged or molested by big guys, which usually happens. True story!

– There are hardly any empty seats now; which is increasing the level of CO2 in the room. Somebody, please turn up the AC and turn down the gleaming focus lights!

– Here’s what the stage looks like…


– Okay, finally seats are filling up fast. The first two rows are reserved for M&M executives. Who else??

– Here’s the first pic from the launch. Totally irrelevant, but hell, there is nothing interesting here, yet!


– Some disappointing gossip… Few guys here are saying that only Stallio will be launched today and that the Mojo wont even make an appearance. If that’s true, somebody is going to get hurt real bad!

– Aha! Finally some refreshments are being served. Too bad most you reading this, are trapped in your office pretending to work.

– Most people are busy checking Aaj Tak and NDTV for news updates.

– Mahindra is promising a mind boggling ARAI figure its 125cc Stallio commuter.

– The launch is delayed until 3:45. Guess, they want to hear about the Ayodhya verdict first. Infact, many people seem to have backed out, because of all the buzz surrounding the verdict. Quite naturally.

– Stay tuned as we bring you live updates from the on- going launch of the new motorcycles from Mahindra2Wheeleres- the 300cc Mojo and the 110cc Stallio.

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