Lists : Six Maserati Creations That Are NOT Cars

Six Maserati Creations That Are NOT Cars. Here is the complete list along with images.

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Italian luxury sports cars, Maserati is recognized around the world for the exotic looks of its machines but the manufacturer does not make JUST cars. Here are five creations from Maserati’s stable that you may not have heard about before.

1. Bicycles


Call it eccentric, but the way Maserati crafts its products remains well rooted in the company’s home country. It collaborated with the Italian bicycle brand Montante, and you will notice every detail of its design is classic Italian style with all the touches of a unique work of art.

2. Horse Saddle


The Trident is involved in all sort of gentlemanly activities, including a polo tour under its own name. Taking it a notch up, Maserati teamed up with polo equipment manufacturer, La Martina, to produce bespoke horse saddles. They have been created from the finest quality full-grain leather, with suede inserts and a design inspired by the appearance of the Maserati Ghibli.

3. Maserati Pop-Up Suite


The collaboration between Maserati and Hôtel de Paris can be dated back to May 19, 1957, when Juan Manuel Fangio masterfully won the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix with the 250F, and his victory marked a significant moment in time for Maserati on the Monaco circuit. To celebrate their connection and heritage, Maserati in partnership with Hôtelde Paris in Monaco built a pop-up suite. Maserati Pop-Up Suite offers an exceptional view of the sea and of the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo.

4. Maserati – ZegnaCapsule Collection


The best craftsmen choose to work with only the finest materials. Although Ermenegildo Zegna and Maserati create two very different products, a common thread unites them. The brands create exclusive synergies of taste, with unique articles through a range of bags, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, belts, fabrics over others. That’s not it! The highlight of the partnership is the exclusive Zegna edition models of the Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante.

5. Exclusive Watches


The technical perfection and attention to detail that Maserati dedicates to every single car it makes is reflected here in its chronographs. The most iconic elements in the history and design of Maserati are captured in these original, classy creations. To take the luxury of time to another level Maserati partnered with Bulgari in 2012. The Bulgari Octo Maserati watch is a true joy to behold. Innovative yet intuitive, this timepiece is as individual as the wearer, and as synonymous with masculine chic as Maserati itself. Bulgari has crafted just 1,914 examples, in honour of the founding year of the House of the Trident.

6. USB Flash Drives


How about carrying all your data in a Maserati wheel rimthat fits in your pocket? No, don’t get confused, we’re just talking about a Maserati USB flash drive. The characteristic and exclusive shape faithfully reflect the Trident MC wheel rims, with the coloured brake pad adding a distinctive touch.

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