Lamborghini Murcielago Slams into Tree During Joyride


We have seen umpteen instances where too much power in the hands of too young people have resulted in crashes. Now, in this latest accident from USA, a 20 year old driver decided to take his father’s Lamborghini Murcielago out for a joyride with a friend.


Sometime later, it got dark and the roads got wet too. Even after this, the guy decided to switch the traction control off while heading home in Houma Louisiana. With the traction control off, he was doing speeds way above the limits and at a bend he lost control.


According to the driver, they lost control at about 110 mph and they ended up slamming into a big oak tree on side of the road. The driver shattered his pelvis, broke 6 ribs, dislocated his shoulder and fractured clavicle, while the passenger was left with a broken hand.

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  • Sagar says:

    I for once scratched the front fender of my dad’s Santro and he still embarrass me in front of my friends telling them what a bad driver I am.