Is this how the Lamborghini Huracan roadster would look like?

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Seen here are a couple of speculative renderings of the Lamborghini Huracan roadster. These renderings come from Hungarian designer X-Tomi, who has decided to closely follow the example of the topless Aventador. Akin to the Aventador roadster, the Huracan roadster in these renderings too has similar roof system and a small aperture.

Personally, I would like to maintain that the Gallardo Spider is any day the nicer looking of the two cars and even its hardtop version was prettier in its day than the Huracan, which is basically a Gallardo replacement.


While there are good chances that the actual Huracan roadster would look much like the one shown in these images, we would still want to reserve our final comments and wait to see what the actual car looks like. And even if the actual car doesn’t turn out to be as cool as the Gallardo Spyder, good chances that we would still love it for its Sesto Elemento elements and the wedge-y look Lambos are known for.

What do you say?

Renders- X-Tomi 

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