Khajuraho plays host to the 3rd Eastern H.O.G Rally

More than 300 Harley-Davidson Owners gathered at the picturesque heritage site of Khajuraho, as it played host to the 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally.

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Khajuraho played host to the 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally

Times have changed since those days when spotting a lone Harley on the roads in India was a sight to present times, when more than 300 Harley owners coming in from across the 13 H.O.G. chapters in India roared into Khajuraho. The UNESCO word heritage site played host to the 3rd Eastern H.O.G.® Rally from December 5th – 7th, 2014. Among the participants, some came riding all the way from Kochi and Bangalore.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles at the 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles at the 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally (2)

The Zonal H.O.G.® Rallies, which take place every year during the riding season from September to March, focus on offering great experiences to riders across the length and breadth of the country. During the two-day event, Harley owners strengthened their brotherhood and bonded through fun and engaging inter-Chapter activities such as arm wrestling, tug of war, and the Custom Contest. There was also a fusion music night organized for the event. The highlight of the event – the signature Custom Contest, gave riders an opportunity to show-off their passion and creativity through their motorcycles. The element of customization and personalization is central to the Harley ownership experience, and enables riders to discover and express themselves through their motorcycles.

Harley Owners get a taste of fusion music at the 3rd Eastern H.O.G. Rally Harley Owners engage in fun, inter-chapter activities

Dharmendra Jain, Director Tiger Chapter, Indore added, “H.O.G. ® Rallies are always an amazing experience. It was great to see Harley owners ride long distances to join the brotherhood in Khajuraho. The passion and enthusiasm shown by our brothers motivated us to organize this Rally and inspire new and experienced riders alike. We are thrilled to have hosted this year’s Eastern H.O.G.® Rally, and hope that all the riders had a great experience, and a memorable time.”


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