Kerela Cops Crack Down And Destroy Illegal Exhausts On Motorcycles

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Let’s face it, not everyone appreciates those rowdy, extra loud aftermarket exhausts on motorcycles and on top of the list (at least for me, personally) are the Royal Enfields. Luckily though, cops have started cracking down on these motorcycles.

Last year, we saw a Royal Enfield motorcycle being seized for being too loud. The incident took place in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra where the local law administrators seized the vehicle and let the motorcycle go only after the exhaust has been changed with the stock unit.

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In latest news, it’s the Kerela police that are cracking down (quite literally) on these loud, aftermarket exhausts. Cops are continuously monitoring the streets and fining anyone with an illegal exhaust. Moreover, besides fining the culprits, cops are removing and breaking the illegal exhausts on the spot.

A photograph of the action taken by the cops has gone viral on social networking website, Facebook and we stumbled upon one courtesy Ajay Acharya. One can see the exhaust being removed and hammered by a hired mechanic. It’s an extreme measure but it’s about time something is done about these exhausts.


Do you agree with the measures taken by Kerela police? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

Image Source : Ajay Acharya via Royal Enfield Group

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  • raj kumar says:

    If they wanted to break exausts do on their own bikes not on the public bikes most of rhe population like the 90 % of the population love the sound of the exausts total dis agree

  • Nikhil says:

    Police/ MVD officials have every right to take the bike into custody/ Impose fines/ Cancel the Driving license or Registration of vehicle for breaking the rules. They don’t have any rights to damage the exhaust/ whatever product is fitted onto the bike. It is not written in any of the MVD rules/ Police rules.

    By the way, I totally disagree to these loud exhausts. Police or the concerned Govt officials should try to ban manufacturing and selling of these exhausts and continue imposing fines on the boy racers who have recently in past 2 – 3 years turned from Pulsars/other fancy sub 200cc’s to RE’s with loud exhausts/ Big handles which are not certified/ Illegal modifications and try to ensure the owner changes the exhaust to stock infront of them or their office premises.

  • Arun says:

    This is exactly what should be done….Totally agree to the actions of the Police.