Kawasaki Eliminator H2 in the Works?

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Kawasaki in India enjoys a cult following amongst the hearts of Motorcycle enthusiasts all around the world. And just like every other automaker, Kawasaki also is keen to make amends for a dismal 2020 due to no fault of its own and go all out in 2021. If you are a Kawasaki fanboy, we have some great news for you. Kawasaki is rumoured to be working on a new supercharged motorcycle which could very well be the Kawasaki Eliminator H2, as a render of the same was leaked on a Japanese website.

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There are strong rumours that the Kawasaki eliminator H2 is nearing the end of its production cycle.

Kawasaki Eliminator H2 2021 render

The rendered image shows a motorcycle with a design similar to the Vulcan S. The Kawasaki eliminator H2 is a combination of the Kawasaki Eliminator cruiser and the Kawasaki Ninja H2, hence the name. It seemingly has an American cruiser styled headlamp cowl and a relatively long tank that slopes down towards a relatively low seat. The forward set footpegs, the handlebars and the rake in the front forks all convey this Eliminator H2 might offer a power-cruiser like ride stance.

Nothing is official though as of now, and all we have is a rendered image from a Japanese website. In the render, the eliminator H2 seems to have a tubular frame as seen on the Kawasaki Ninja H2 but to make it a cruiser it’s contemplated with a sloping fuel tank and a low set cradle. It might expectedly share its chassis components with the Z H2 naked.

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The rendered image looks to have a single seat only. However, it unlikely to be that way in the production-ready Eliminator H2. While officially launching the motorcycle Kawasaki is expected to provide an option for the passenger seat and it goes without saying that it will retain the forward-set footpegs and high-set handlebars.

What’s also interesting is the large intake scoop that feeds air right into the mammoth 998cc, inline 4 cyl, supercharged that puts out a massive 200BHP of peak power. No points for guessing that it’s the same inline 4 that does duties on the Ninja H2 as well. Although here, it might be tuned for a cruiser and hence might deliver around 170-180BHP of peak power which is less than the Ninja H2 but hey, even this makes it the most powerful in its segment!

Kawasaki has a Streetfighter, a tourer and a supersport in its current portfolio which is why the addition of a cruiser seems no surprise. It might debut at some motor show in 2021.

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