JD Power 2010 – Maruti Suzuki emerges at the top, Tata Motors hits the pits

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The results of the 2010 JD Power customer satisfaction survey are out! Maruti Suzuki, unsurprisingly has ranked highest when it comes to satisfying the customers in India.

The highly regarded study, known as the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2010 India Sales Satisfaction Index is one of the best surveys to gauge satisfaction among car owners. Now in its eleventh year, the study examines seven factors that contribute to overall satisfaction with the new-vehicle buyer sales experience (listed in order of importance): delivery process, delivery timing, salesperson, sales initiation, dealer facility, paperwork and deal.


Here are the most important findings of the study:

  1. Buyers of models that were launched in 2010 are less satisfied with their experience at dealerships, compared to buyers of one year or older models.
  2. Satisfaction is particularly low among owners of newly launched models. These owners have said that the dealership did not deliver their new vehicle at the promised or requested time.
  3. Owners of newly launched models indicate they received less involvement from the salesperson in various relationship-building measures, such as receiving thorough explanations to queries, being offered a test drive or being contacted following the sale to ensure that everything was satisfactory after driving their new vehicle home.
  4. Among the 11 brands ranked in the study, Maruti Suzuki ranks highest with an overall SSI score of 819 on a 1,000-point scale and performs particularly well in five of the seven factors: delivery process, salesperson, sales initiation, dealer facility and paperwork. Following Maruti Suzuki in the rankings are Honda (816) and Skoda (812).
  5. Tata Motors is at the bottom of the heap with an overall score of 758
  6. Overall sales satisfaction has increased by 10 points from 2009 to an average of 803 in 2010, with eight of 11 ranked brands demonstrating year-over-year improvements. The industry improves from 2009 in all seven factors, with the largest gains occurring in the areas of dealer facility and deal perceptions.
  7. Among owners who are highly satisfied with their purchase experience at the dealership (sales satisfaction scores averaging above 873), 76 % state they “definitely will” recommend their purchase dealer to a friend or relative.

The 2010 India SSI Study is based on responses from 6,178 new vehicle owners who purchased their vehicle between September 2009 and April 2010 and includes evaluations of more than 60 models. The study was fielded from March to June 2010.

“Excitement surrounding the launch of a new model can quickly become overshadowed in the minds of consumers if there is a lack of availability of the model and if the salesperson fails to display adequate enthusiasm, knowledge and skill in selling and delivering such models,” said Mohit Arora, executive director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Singapore. “In addition, given the fact that owners of newly launched models typically report longer waits for vehicle delivery than do owners of carryover models, manufacturers need to ensure prompt service delivery to exceed these heightened expectations.”

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