Jaguar XE: Launch date and few technical details announced

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Jaguar is really bullish about the new XE compact executive sports saloon. When launched, it will be the cheapest Jaguar available and compete with the likes of the BMW 3 Series(F30), Mercedes’ new W205 C Class and of course, the old Audi A4 which has admittedly become too long in the tooth.

Jaguar has announced that the XE will see its world premiere in London on the 8th of September this year. A few technical details have been released (more to come soon-stay tuned!), and Jaguar says that the XE will be a true sports saloon with class leading dynamics (do you hear that, BMW?), refinement and new technology (What’s up Mercedes?).

New for the XE will be an integral link rear suspension that promises to better conventional multi-link designs by providing more lateral and longitudinal stiffness.  With most components being forged or hollow-casted in aluminum, the new setup delivers sharp response and handling while retaining a refined, luxurious ride- while also offering a lightweight solution.

True to being a sports saloon, the double wishbone front suspension is based on the F-Type sports car. Said to deliver the highest levels of handling, agility and road holding, some key components are designed to deliver Jaguar XFR-levels of stiffness. Likewise, most of it is forged or hollow-casted in lightweight aluminum following a new, patented process.

Steering feel promises to be top notch with the latest generation Electric Power Assisted Steering. Jaguar says “Our latest software algorithms now allow much greater scope for tuning than hydraulic-based systems and deliver better quality steering feel. Other benefits include variable steering damping, ease of low-speed maneuvering and the ability to adapt to Jaguar Drive Control settings. EPAS also enables a range of Active Safety and Driver Aid features”.

For reduced wheel slippage in the rear-wheel drive XE, Jaguar has developed All Surface Progress Control, an enhanced traction control system. Developed with the input of Land Rover ‘s experience in off-road traction systems, ASPC works like a low-speed cruise control and can electronically gain traction on slippery surfaces without much human intervention via the pedals.


What we already know is that the XE will feature an all-new aluminum intensive construction, a first of its kind for Jaguar Land Rover. This new ‘iQ Al’ architecture is said to underpin other upcoming models in the JLR portfolio as well- the Discovery replacement to start with.  A new range of 4 cylinder engines will be on offer. Called the ‘Ingenium’ family of engines, these will include a new 2-liter diesel that will be 17% more efficient than the current 2.2-liter used in the XF.

Jaguar admits that the India bound XE will be its most crucial car in recent times and it promises to be better than the erstwhile & forgettable X-Type compact saloon.


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