Jaguar Land Rover India launches new collection of branded goods

Jaguar Land Rover India launches new collection of branded goods. These include clothing, accessories and gift items by JLR.

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) India has launched a new collection of branded goods under the name 2015 Lifestyle Collection. JLR’s new collection boasts of clothing, gifts, accessories and luggage items for both men and women . The luxury marque’s design team has specifically designed and developed all the items in-house. The carmaker hopes to lure JLR customers and enthusiasts with their new 2015 collection.

Jaguar Branded Goods

The 2015 Jaguar Collection includes the Heritage’57 and an all-new Lifestyle Collection. The former collection has been designed to pay homage to one of the most successful periods in Jaguar’s racing history and is inspired by the winning No.3 car. This special collection includes T-Shirts, holdall, men’s drivers jacket, zip-through jacket, paddock shirt, caps, scarves for men and women, key-ring etc. Other Jaguar accessories are wallets, cufflinks, sunglasses, card-holders, leather briefcase, iPad holder, iPhone cover, etc. There’s also special gift items such as scale models of Jaguar cars, mugs, iPhone cases, USB pendrives, pen, notebooks, keyrings, and umbrellas amongst other items.

Land Rover Branded Goods

The 2015 Land Rover Collection, according to the company, has been designed to add a dash of off-road spirit and adventure to the wardrobe. Land Rover is also offering a Kid’s Collection and these comprise of the iconic Adventure Bear, T-shirts for boys and girls, baseball caps and toy models. Clothing apparels for the grown ups include t-shirts, caps and scarves. Just like with Jaguar’s range of products, Land Rover’s lineup of accessories and gift items are identical. Items such as wallets, cufflinks, card-holders, leather briefcase, iPad and iPhone cases etc finish off the accessories department, while Land Rover scale models, mugs, USB pendrives, pen, notebooks, keyrings and umbrellas wrap up the gift section of goods.

Detailed pricing of each item provided in the gallery below. Click on the images to expand.

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