It’s Official! Upcoming MG Astor 5-Seater SUV To Get AI Assistance

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When it comes to introducing cutting-edge technology in its vehicles and setting a benchmark in the same wake, MG India has been leading the front. MG stepped foot in our market riding in on the Hector that also went on to become the first internet-connected car to prowl on our streets. Later on, the company launched the Gloster with level-1 autonomous tech and that too, was never seen before in its respective segment. It seems like MG is going to continue its streak with its upcoming mid-size SUV as well, by introducing MG’sNext-Gen interactive assistance driven by AI – New ‘Hello MG!’

Upcoming MG Astor to get AI?

The said technology will witness its unveiling on 18th August but ahead of it, the carmaker has shared images of its upcoming mid-size SUV which is touted to get this AI assistance and by the looks of it, it appears to be the Astor! For the uninitiated, Astor is basically the ICE-powered counterpart of the ZS EV that is already on sale in our country.

MG Astor AI spy shot

It is pretty much confirmed that apart from being aesthetically different from its electric counterpart, the Astor could also turn out to be more advanced and tech-laden. The teaser images or ‘spy shots’ sent to us by the company itself showcases the test mule wearing an attractive camouflage but it is easy to decipher that the alloy wheel design of the Astor is a lot different from the ZS EV. MG hasn’t shied away from making sure that its USP doesn’t get missed by a naked eye, hence the ‘AI Inside’ stickering on the side.

MG AI invite

What can it do?

Previously, MG introduced the concept of Car as a Platform (CAAP) which basically is an ecosystem for the convenience of the owners. It will create various possibilities which will evolve with time, creating safer and smarter driving experiences. CAAP or Car As A Platform is an AI-backed solution for vehicles. MG is working actively with various global ecosystem partners in emerging technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence amongst others to form the support system for CAAP.


Think of it as an AI assistant that does more than respond to a few commands. For e.g. like MG showed in their video, if the driver is feeling drowsy, the car will detect that automatically, now you might say that this feature already exists in some cars what’s new? Hold on, not only will the car nudge you to wake you up, it will tell you where the nearest coffee shop or restaurant is and will order your favourite brew so that you can just go and pick it up. MG is planning to tie up with other third-party service providers to enable the smooth functioning of CAAP. These would include food, fuel stations, entertainment, insurance companies etc.

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