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Hi friends. To start off, we’d like you to know that it’s a very emotional moment for us – more emotional than it’s ever been on our journey at Motoroids in the past 6 years. We write to you with a tremble in our fingers and with eyes moist with joy and pride. Say hello to our newest baby – Gizmoids

We started our journey with Motoroids back in 2009. Our start was a shaky one, stripping us of all the cash we had, with more than just a few stumbling blocks and debacles trying their bit to hold us off. Motoroids, though, slowly but surely stuttered its way into finding form and some amazingly loyal fans along the way. It took time, but our unique, authoritative, and bold content made us popular on the street. What started as a magazine for the screen had now turned into a full blown website.

Today Motoroids is one of the leading auto websites in the country, passionately churning out news, reviews and opinion editorials every day. Close to 600,000 organic fans on Facebook power us to a weekly reach of 5 million users, and a daily traffic that translates into more than a hundred thousand pageviews per day. It’s been a long and tumultuous journey, and the one person who has stood by us during all these turbulent days is you – our loving and loyal fan. You have sometimes just been a silent admirer, a mute supporter, but we know you have been there, and we thank you with all our heart and soul for your patronage.


Today, Motoroids is turning truly global while marking its first chapter in a different domain. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, let us proudly present our sister brand, – a truly international website meant to compete with the best in the business. We’ll keep pushing the goalpost until we have set the loftiest standards for everyone else to match.

At this point, let us put forth a very humble request to you. All these years, we have been tirelessly churning out what we believe is great content for you, all for your love and adulation. Today, we ask you of another small favor. We would like you to browse around on these pages, and if you really like what you see, we would personally request you to hit one of those social share buttons. This website has been our big secret until now – something we have worked on silently, furtively and diligently for months at end to give you the most amazing reading experience. And we are displaying it to you first, you, the loyal Motoroids reader who have supported us all these while. And, if you like what you see, please share this post, so the whole wide world knows about what came out of the automotive website that is Motoroids, and gets amazed like you just probably did.


So what is

Tuned to the times, is at the very crossroads of technology, entertainment, science, pop culture and consumer electronics along with the respective materialistic / tangible manifestations of those topics. With carefully created content bound with a suave, contemporary interface, Gizmoids promises its readers a sensory and enriching experience.

Although Gizmoids as a publication deals primarily with technology, entertainment and consumer electronics, its purview covers everything from climate changes to advanced theoretical physics – so watch out for some mind-blowing stuff.

Gizmoids is updated multiple times daily by a team of seasoned and overworked authors with years of journalistic experience.  Today, all of us cross our hearts with a promise to deliver you the best, to ensure that every article is vetted thoroughly for its accuracy and veracity before being published.

The Gizmoids logo

So what’s the deal with that wheel in that logo you might want to ask?

Well, as you can see, the left half of the logo represents a wheel, a device that can arguably be called humankind’s most powerful invention till date. Post the simple object’s discovery, lives changed, economies started to bud, machinery was conceived, and humanity learnt to self sustain. But that was back then.

The wheel, being one of the earliest, game changing inventions of this age is sharply contrasted with a Wi-Fi symbol on the right half of the logo, thus signifying the transition from the Neolithic age to the modern, information heavy age.

Like the wheel, the Internet has enhanced communication, and made the world a small place. The Gizmoids symbol, thus, is a representative of progress, knowledge and growth.

The subtle ‘smaller than’ sign around the Wi-Fi symbol also points at the things getting bigger and better, and hints that further technological frontiers will be taken down with time. In a nutshell, our symbol suggests that we are here to bring to you stories about progress, evolution and hope. We are here to sell happiness at the cost of your internet bills.

So go ahead take a tour, get enlightened, fool around, constructively criticize – the home key is at the upper left corner.

But most of all – don’t forget to share this post on your social networks, to let each one of our fans know what the sister brand of Motoroids is all about.

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