Hyundai’s ‘Door-Step Advantage’ Policy To Offer Car Services Anywhere You Like

Hyundai, in an attempt to provide a better after sales service, will offer doorstep services for jobs involving minor repairs, dry washes and detailing.

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We all want our cars to be in their best state, whether it is cosmetically or mechanically. However, taking time out from a busy schedule for having a shining, problem free car is a commitment not many can handle. Having to go back and forth to your nearest service centre sure does take out some valuable time from one’s busy schedule, often resulting in late maintenance of the car. Hyundai seems to have come up with a solution for this problem by offering doorstep services, realising their after-sales moto – ‘Right here, right care.’ This would ensure the customer has complete peace of mind before getting any one of the models from the Hyundai stable.

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The aim of this policy is to provide services to a customer at a location, which is convenient for them. Once a location has been sent, Hyundai will send its staff to the said place on a two-wheeler, equipped with proper tools for the job. Preparing for this step well in advance, the company has about 500 two-wheelers available, which currently ply at 475 different locations. Customers can book a service for themselves by simply making a booking online, putting in a suitable address and making an online payment.

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Speaking about the success of this innovative initiative, Mr S. Punnaivanam, VP – National Service, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “Hyundai is a caring brand and as a lifetime partner and beyond, Hyundai has always emphasized on best service support for its customers. The Door-Step Advantage makes the entire service experience fast, seamless & hassle-free strengthening customer trust.”

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This type of service is best suited for tiny jobs which include minor repairs, a dry wash or even vehicle detailing. For major repair work, technicians would require proper infrastructure and tools, which would be impossible to provide in a parking lot. In such a case, customers can take the benefit of a free pick-up and drop service offered by the authorised workshop. It probably is because of small steps like these, which have enabled Hyundai, India’s second-largest carmaker, to retain J D Power CSI No. 1 Rank for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, amongst mass-market brands.

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